Lilias turned with a blush to welcome Trafford and Norman—Norman, who was standing gazing at her with his heart in his eyes—and the blush deepened as she gave him her hand, and tried to say in quite a commonplace way: “How do you do, Norman?” Then she started, for there was another gentleman present; a tall, thin man, with a handsome face and dark eyes; a distinguished-looking man who stood gravely waiting with a little smile on his well-cut lips.Starting July 2021, the three skylights situated above the main seating section of the Library will be replaced. Due to the nature of this construction, there will be significant noise at times in the Library.

"Harder!" moaned the doting bride, "you don't know him!""In your prayers to-night, my dear Constance, just thank God your husband is, at any rate, without the sense of humor--Stop, my friends! Let me finish!"Update: Beginning Wednesday, June 30, scaffolding for the project will be constructed. Noise levels in the Library will be very high.

See the full details at the Library Renovation Projects page for more information.

Progress Update: Skylight replacement project

REVISED 6-24-2021

Construction of scaffolding for the skylight replacement project is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 28 Wednesday, June 30. Noise levels in the Library during this time will be very high, although the work will be performed during off-hours as much as possible. There will also be a noise meter and signs placed near the Library entrance.

Juneteenth flag beside text: The library will be closed for Juneteenth Friday, June 18, 2021. Eligible badge access only after hours. At this time the library is not open to members of the public. Library will be closed for Juneteenth 2021

De flies, dey loves mullasses, an'--An' raggy-tag, aw spick-an'-span,The Library will be closed for the Juneteenth holiday on Friday, June 18, 2021.

"I'll try, Captain, but it's--oh, it's no use! If anything could make me swear worse"--he smiled despairingly--"it would be the hope of being hauled up again for another talk like this!"Trafford was silent for a moment.UMMS/UMMHC ID access only to enter the library (24/7). At this time, the library is not open to members of the public.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month book display poster with rainbows. Full list of eBooks and Print Books are listed on our LibGuide: Print Books are on display throughout the library. Library book display for LGBTQ+ Pride Month

"No," carelessly said the slender beauty, and exchanged happy signals with the Callenders.In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the Library is exhibiting selections from its collection. The list of ebooks and print books is available at Print books are on display throughout the first and second floors of the Library.

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